Narrandera Medical Centre

Dates22 Nov 2021 to 13 Dec 2021
ContactElizabeth Romeo
Address 3-7 Victoria Square
NSW 2700
RA/RRMA3 / 5
Phone (BH)0269581099
WorkloadFull Time
Practice Hours9-6pm Monday to Friday
VMO requiredYes
On Call DetailsSecond on call 24/7 Perhaps some first on call if desired.
Practice SoftwareMedical Director
Locum Rate$1,700 second on call $1,900 on call
Accomodation ProvidedYes
Accomodation DetailsFurnished House
Vehicle ProvidedIf required
Incentives AvailableRemote location subsidy - $1000, Travel subsidy
Other relevant information: None

Location Map